A lot of lengthy content in our responsive mobile website which is good in desktop website as its presented in usable format. Should I consider a separate mobile site?

We use responsive templates for mobile.We have quite a lot of lengthy content on our website, which is fine for desktop as it’s presented in usable format.The content, however, visually looks too much from viewing from mobile and I’m worried about usability.Should I consider a separate mobile site? Or my developer says, ultimately, I could pull in different, more concise content?

Webmaster Guru Asked on June 1, 2017 in Mobile sites.
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JOHN MEULLER (Webmaster Analyst from Google):

We probably would see that as hidden content on a desktop version. But what will happen is we will focus on the visible content there. But ideally from our point of view, the mobile version of these pages should be equivalent to your desktop version. So if someone goes to the mobile site, they should have the same functionality, the same content, the same images, videos, whatever you provide there, as they would have on the desktop site, because otherwise, they wouldn’t really be matching pages that we could swap out when a user comes with this device or that device. So that’s something I’d really aim for as much as possible. Make sure that the same content is available on both. Obviously, layout will be different. So sidebar, footer, navigation– all of those things– they can be very different from mobile to desktop. That’s perfectly fine. But the main visible content should be as equivalent as possible. The functionality should be equivalent, so that it’s really something where a user can go to either version, and they can do whatever they need to do.


Webmaster Guru Answered on June 2, 2017.
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