Can we remove the sidebar links so we make sure most of the page rank goes through those subcategories first, then to the articles?

Remove the sidebar links.

Webmaster Guru Asked on September 27, 2016 in Page Rank.
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JOHN MEULLER (Webmaster Analyst from Google):

That might be something to look at. Guess what you can do from your side is to look at how we’re actually crawling these pages, if we’re really, like, going through the individual pages and discovering the content that’s linked there or if we’re going to these pages and essentially not crawling further. So from a technical point of view, that might be something to look at. I don’t think this is something where there are critical issues with the amount of links there. I think maybe you can optimize crawling and maybe you can improve the way we recognize the context of these articles by grouping that a little bit differently or maybe, I don’t know, putting fewer links on a page like this. But I don’t think this is a critical issue at the moment.

Webmaster Guru Answered on September 27, 2016.
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