How do we make sure we can create different color variation products and how to rank differenr color variation products on our website. Is there technically anything we can do?

Regarding products, ranking them for color variations.
We can’t create unique content for every product.

Webmaster Guru Asked on October 14, 2016 in Page Rank.
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JOHN MEULLER (Webmaster Analyst from Google):

So I think to a big extent, this is something where you probably don’t need to do anything special.So if you have a product page and you have the different variations listed there,then we’ll be able to pick that up from that product page directly. I usually recommend to make separate pages if there is really something unique that you’re offering there that people are explicitly looking for.So if people are explicitly looking for– I don’t know– a pink iPhone with a certain mode number and that’s something that’s very different from all the other iPhone models that are out there, then that’s something that might make sense to have a separate page for. But then you would also have unique content for it, as well.You’d have kind of explaining why this is pink and glow in the dark or whatever is kind of unique about this specific model.So that’s something where, if you do have something that you want to list as something separate and you wanted to rank for that separate thing,then I would create separate pages for it. On the other hand, if it’s just an attribute of an existing kind of product– if it’s like this shoe is available in these five sizes and these three colors– then that’s something I would just mention on a normal product page itself.So the thing that’s always happening there is you’re balancing between having a strong product page where you have one page for these different variations and kind of diluting that content and separating it out into multiple variation pages where each of these variation pages will have a lot more trouble to rank because we have to rank it separately.So that’s something where if you do have something unique and compelling to offer as in one specific variation, then fine.That can maybe rank by itself. But otherwise I would recommend more to concentrate things into one really strong product page.

Webmaster Guru Answered on October 14, 2016.
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