How Google indexes of page concerning java script frameworks to debug it.

We have a java script library which parses the DOM and translates the page from English to French on fetch as Google the page seems to be translated and appears in French however the search results still appear in English is there a difference in the way fetch as Google works and how Google actually indexes of page concerning java script frameworks is a way to debug this and so debugging it.

Webmaster Guru Asked on February 14, 2017 in Indexing.
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JOHN MEULLER (Webmaster Analyst from Google):

Is probably best done and the fetch as Google in the rendered view to kind of make it possible that well what it does is it shows you that the render version of the page as we would see that so that’s usually the best place it about this i think they’re too tricky aspects there that might be playing a role there on the one hand when we initially index a page we generally focus on the HTML version of the page and then in a second step we do the rendering so for example if you use such as Google and submit to indexing then probably we will index HTML version of the page which would  potentially be the version that’s not translated and then later as we index it for good will render that page and use the rendered version of the page for indexing so that that might be a disconnect that you might be seeing there with regards to the the version that’s shown in the search results so I kind of give it a bit of time to see how it settles down and really double check that were really only indexing the wrong version of the page if you’re seeing that we’re indexing the wrong version of the page and we’re really not picking up the translations at all despite them working and fetch as Google then i would post in the the webmaster help forum and give us some sample URLs some sample queries where you’re seeing this happen with regards to what you see in the search results what might also happens is that when we render the page and we see that there’s actually a different language versions there that we index both of these pieces of content under that URL so if you specifically search for the English version or the original version we might still show that you whereas if you search for the french text and then probably will be able to show you the French version.


Webmaster Guru Answered on February 14, 2017.
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