How Human History Will End?

The question “How will the humanity end?” is eternal. Through the years humanity worries about the possible end, sometimes not valuing the present day. Everyone remembers the story of Noah, who survived a terrific flood that killed every living creature in the world. This story has its place in the Holy Bible, and it is the most famous one. Less noted variants of the legend appear in different cultures and myths. It emphasizes the memory of the humanity that once it was hardly the dead end for all inhabitants of the Earth, and also explains the fear that the same thing can happen once again.

People are either wondering or apprehending from death. The reason of popularity of the topic about the end of the world is the desire of humanity to prepare religiously and mentally. That is why there are lots of scenarios and talks about it. Environmentalists claim that people are the part of the nature, so they can distinct like any other living creature – because of the climate change, environmental problems, or lack of resources. However, this theory is a counterpart to the concept of divine creation of the world. In the religious doctrine, God started the story of the humanity, and God will make an end of it. So the date of the doomsday has no scheduled measures, and it can happen when humanity deserves this. Still, atheists and scientist have opposite opinion.

People are the only thinking creatures in the world, and it means they have imagination. There are different invented scenarios about the very end of the world. One of them often appears in the movies – the pandemic scenario. One of the most dangerous threats for the humanity is a virus, a disease that can spread throughout the world in a short time. I Am the Legend movie refers to this possibility. When developing a new form of a cure to rescue people from the illness, mankind can make an invasion in the nature’s balance. Eventually, the humanity is killing itself. Notably, that sometimes pandemic appears as a natural outcome. In the 20th century, there were four major flu epidemics, and scientists claim that it is inevitable there will be more. The 1918 influenza outbreak killed more people than the World War I. Today, when the transport system is more developed, it could have spread simultaneously and infect more people in every part of the globe. And even if the nature does not send the similar deadly contagion, the humanity can invent such in the laboratories. The unspecified role of God remains in this plot, but still it has a great impact.

I Am the Legend movie touches divine aspect of the situation. People had a desire to control everything, and God may have another vision of the humanity scenario. At the climax of the film, an interesting quotation appears. It insists on listening to the silence and hearing the God’s plan. Neville, the protagonist of the movie, was on the point of considering the epidemic to be human-made, and the God to be non-existing. The urge to listen to the sounds also emerges in The Pig Who Wants to Be Eaten book. However, the argument of these statements is possible. In the case when humanity gains control on every disease and can fight death, the world can come to utopia, but it is not possible to human nature and capabilities of the Earth. After a few years, overpopulation and war for resources would have damaged the population, and it would eventually vanish. It proves that everything that is happening in the world derives for some reason, and no actions should change global development.

When not dealing with viruses and medicine, people like to experiment with machines. This addiction gave birth to another script of the dead end – the computers takeover of control. Scientist Stephen Hawking states that people should be very careful in engineering in order to compete the growth of artificial intelligence phenomenon. The idea of a computer turnover may sound like an absurd, but still there is possibility of its implementation. The Final Cut movie touches this story. The new mechanisms with artificial intelligence may have no idea they are only robots, but the day they discover it can be fatal for the population. Matrix series also referred to the idea of computerized universe and automatic control. Maybe, this scenario has its minuses; however, it has the right for existence. Robots are all around now, and with the stable influence the variety of machinery outsmarting remains.

It is in human nature to believe in the best and be prepared for the worst, but Buddhism postulate claims that the humanity is already coming to its end. The main concept of “impermanence” appears in the learning of Buddha. According to it, everything is coming to an end. The great civilizations slowly died, for example, the Romans and the Mayans. The normality that humanity expects can also change simultaneously, for instance, when the global warming occurs. The main idea is that the loved ones come and go, and that is also the end. So, all the conditioned things are impermanent; everything has a beginning and will come to an end.

When getting in touch with all the knowledge humanity collected about its very end, only one common feature comes out. All the theories and movies teach mankind to estimate the present moment. An individual should learn to love the inner God, even if this love has philosophical meaning, as Deus Caritas Est had taught. One has to enjoy every breath of clean and fresh air, according to the environmentalists, and to fight the fair of the inevitable end, according to the Buddha learning. It doesn’t matter which way the humanity will end, but it is vital to value every possibility in this life and to remember that the fear is the first thing to kill us.

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