How important for google to optimize the https entire site that some pages are not entirely green in our markets?

We have HTTPS entire site some pages are not entirely green in our markets insecure how important is that for google optimizing these pages is pretty hard sometimes.

Webmaster Guru Asked on March 16, 2017 in HTTPS.
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JOHN MEULLER (Webmaster Analyst from Google):

From Google’s web search point of view if we index a page with https then for us that’s essentially what we’re looking for we we know it’s on HTTPS we can send people there we can give that subtle ranking boost for https pages with regards to users themselves obviously if they land on a page that has kind of this issue where you’re embedding HTTP content on HTTPS state where we wouldn’t show that green badge and chrome then that’s not really great so that’s something I I’d resolve their with regards to search it’s also worth keeping in mind that if we can access the HTTP version of the page and the HTTPS version and if we can recognize that the HTTPS version isn’t actually a real proper well-formed HTTPS version then we might choose the HTTP version to show insurgents.

Webmaster Guru Answered on March 16, 2017.
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