Should I retain no index, or no follow?

Is the no follow the appropriate way to also have these pages or should I follow these pages so they’re no index follow or just retain them as no index, no follow?

Webmaster Guru Asked on October 25, 2016 in Indexing.
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JOHN MEULLER (Webmaster Analyst from Google):

I think for search results pages and category pages, in general, having the links be followed is fine, because it helps us to find those kind of detail pages that are on your site.I’d be kind of wary about maybe not–wait, how can I phrase this– making sure that we don’t kind of follow through to your filter, and your sorting,and your pagination pages within the search results pages that you’re providing, so that we don’t kind of like branch out and crawl millions of millions of pages that are, essentially, useless for your site.

Webmaster Guru Answered on October 25, 2016.
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